Students use algebraic methods to investigate, model, and interpret patterns and functions involving numbers, shapes, data, and graphs in a problem-solving situation.

  1. Algebra Planet Blaster - Practice your math and defend your planet!
  2. Angles - Interactive game to help recognize and label acute, obtuse, and right angles.
  3. Catch the Fly - [all 4 quadrants are used] Use the keyboard to enter the x and y values of an ordered pair to help the fly catch a bug. No score is kept, each question is essentially a one question game
  4. Create your own pattern - Drag shapes to create a pattern. Instructions on how to use this page in your classroom.
  5. Gamequarium: Math Games-Algebra
  6. Interactive Activities Algebra
  7. Maths: Shapes - Revisewise-Recognize properties and names of shapes
  8. Measuring Angles - Use a virtual protractor for making measurements.
  9. Measuring Angles - Investigating angles and the use of a protractor
  10. National Library of Virtual Manipulatives Algebra Manipulatives (Grades 3-5)
  11. National Library of Virtual Manipulatives Algebra Manipulatives (Grades 6-8)
  12. Number Cracker - guess what number comes next in the pattern
  13. Spy Guys Interactive - Lessons>Summarizing and Extending Patterns
  14. What's the Point - Find the x-y point on the grid. Funbrain
  15. Basic Skills Practice Games- Algebra
  16. Algebra Videos